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Hello, Bangor!! How are you doing tonight?


Oh, woops, I thought I was a rock star for a minute there. Ok, let’s try that again. Hello, Bangor Daily News! How are you viewing this tonight!? I’m a blogger now? How did that even happen?

Apparently, enough of you were like me – feeling like there really should be an easy way to see a list of things to do in Midcoast, Maine so we don’t miss out on the fun – so now we do! We’ve got me! And lucky for us there is SO much cool stuff going on in the Midcoast.

So I’m here to give you the lowdown on what’s happening. I’ll list live music, fundraiser events, bar specials, trivia night, open mic, karaoke, wine tasting, gallery openings, networking events, beer promos, etc., etc. Basically, I list anything that I’d consider going to myself. It’s pretty all encompassing. You might see poetry readings listed and you might see a burger eating contest. A little something for everyone. I cover Belfast to Damariscotta, sometimes a little farther.

And I like to tell you about the deals too. I was raised in a very frugal family. My grandfather is the king of coupons. So, I list all the bargains going on around town for you as well. You can see who has the best happy hour deals, but you can also see who has Tuesday discounts, Wednesday specials, etc. There are a lot of cool freebies around the area that people don’t know about. Like, I just found one today that will get you a free pizza. Crazy. You’ll have to come back and read the listings to find out where to get your pizza! In the meantime, feel free to check out my blog: The Lemonade Lowdown or like the Lowdown on Facebook.

Jessbelle Lemonade

Jessbelle Lemonade

Thanks for reading. I’m honored to have the bloggortunity to write for you all 

Jessabelle Lemonade

About Jessabelle Lemonade

Jessabelle Lemonade is a twenty-something who enjoys live music. She realized that there wasn't a place to check what nightlife events, live music, etc., would be happening around the Midcoast and she thought someone ought to do something about that. So she did.