I’m MALLETT You Finish… But First Read This!

Will Mallett unplugged at The Speakeasy!!


The Speakeasy in Rockland does a Thursday Night Supper Club so you can enjoy music with your meal. And on April 24th they will have Will Mallett of The Mallett Brothers Band doing a solo performance! He’ll play 7-10pm and there is a $5 cover. You’ll get to enjoy the yummy food from The Chowder House right in The Speakeasy while Will plays and chats with us.

If you haven’t listened to The Mallett Brothers Band yet, you are missing out. They play folk/country/rock. The band sounds a bit like Mumford & Sons but more rock & roll (less bluegrass). But they have some really moving mellow songs too. It’s definitely a band everyone can enjoy.These Maine boys are gaining more and more popularity and touring around the U.S. They just earned TWO awards at The New England Music Awards: Band of the Year 2014 AND Album of the Year ‘Land’! The band is hot.

And Will is really, actually hot. He was named Maine’s Bachelor of the Year in Cosmo Magazine back in like 2011. Don’t believe me? Check it out. Go Maine!

You’re definitely going to want to be there for this show. Check this out and tell me these guys don’t make your heart melt:


Read more about my thoughts on The Malletts and see more of my fave vids on my Listen Up! page on my blog or in an old post I did here (& see more pics of me & the band!).

This event at The Speakeasy will be great because it’s a small venue, so it will be like dinner with the Mallett boy himself. Rather intimate…


Will & I after The Mallett Brothers concert at The Strand this winter. Notice the matching coats. I definitely didn’t plan that, but it perfectly highlights how much of a Mallett Bros fan girl I am!

Ok, maybe not that intimate! Ha! But it is a cozy atmosphere and I love a show with a musician playing solo.

The Speakeasy is located in the downstairs of the Tradewinds building in Rockland. If you’ve never been, now is a great time to come check them out. I love their cocktails and the comfortable ambiance.

And the yummy food:



The menu may have been updated, but this will give you a feel for the restaurant:

chowderhouse menu2 chowderhouse menu1


There’s limited seating for this event, so they recommend getting reservations. Call The Speakeasy at 207 596-6661 ext 606 to reserve your table!


And here’s what else is happening at The Speakeasy this month:



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