What To Do in The Midcoast Over April Vacation & Free Range Music Fest Music Guide

School Vacation week is here at last! I nearly forgot but then I remembered today and got super giddy. Why so excited? Because there’s lots of cool music coming our way! And I work with kids, so I get to have a calm week for once (much needed!). But enough about me, let’s give you something to get excited about during April Vacation week. There’s so much cool stuff to do in the Midcoast, I don’t want you to miss out! So, here are some upcoming events to get excited for so you can have a wild spring break!

1. Will Mallett!! Will Mallett of the Mallett Brothers Band will be playing a solo show on April 24th at The Speakeasy in Rockland. I’m so excited! Check out the post I did about this event here. $5 Cover. 7-10. Food served til 9 p.m. Reservations suggested. Jess & Luke MallettI just needed to post this pic to fully demonstrate the amount of excitement I’m talking about. Here I am with Luke Mallett, the last time the Mallett Bros came to Rockland. Matching coats! I didn’t plan that or anything, but it shows what a good little Mallett fan girl I am 🙂


2. April 26thRollie’s Comedy Club $10. Call or message Rollie’s on Facebook to reserve tix. Get your tickets! This is going to be fun! Go early for dinner & drinks, because, let’s be honest, everything is funnier after a few drinks! Doors at 6 p.m.



3. The Belfast Free Range (Mini) Music Fest at Three Tides & Marshall Wharf also on April 26th.

Belfast Free Range Music Festival


The Event: The Free Range Music Fest has to be the coolest event the Midcoast has. I was so impressed last year. The quality of the bands and the range of musical genres was so impressive. Folk/Blue Grass/Punk/Funk/World. Amazing. Last year, I loved O’Death & Ghost of Paul Revere and more. This year they are taking a little rest and doing a mini-fest. But this event will help raise funds for next year’s fest. It’s 21+ $10 for the whole day, 6 bands, 12pm-11pm at Three Tides. More info on Free Range Music Fest click here. Tickets here. I’m not kidding, get your tickets. You are not going to want to miss this!

free range


The Venue: Three Tides has a great location the Belfast waterfront. Hang outoutside on the deck. Inside is trendy & modern. Outdoors they’ll have a fire going and plenty of space to hang out.


And, bonus, the beer is fantastic. Marshall Wharf Brewing Co. beers. l like the Illegal Ale-ien. Because I like puns as much as I like pubs. But seriously, really quality beers.  I was impressed. And helpful knowledgeable staff there as well. Tell them what kind of beer you typically drink and they’ll recommend different brews for you to try.


The Music: Jacob Augustine, Chamberlain, When Particles Collide, The Rugged, Travis Cyr, & Jimy Dandy.


Jacob Augustine: 12:30
Travis Cyr: 1:45
Chamberlain: 4:15
Jim Dandy: 5:30
The Rugged: 8:00
When Particles Collide: 9:15

Jim Dandy – Maine band. Punk. But sassy punk. Like old school. Like garage band. Pop-punk. Lyrics almost made me think of Nerf Herder but with a Beer for Breakfast sentiment. Sounds like early Greenday. Give them a listen on bandcamp.

Travis Cyr folk/blue grass/ acoustic. Great talent! This is the kind of music I’d want to hear while I’m sitting around a campfire with friends and brews. Oh wait, what’s that? I can actually do just that at this music festival? Heck yeah!! Give him a listen on bandcamp.


The Rugged Maine boys who are childhood friends. Band is from Jackson. I like their sound. They’re right rugged, guy. They’ve got a raw earthy folk rock sound that I really dig. Good lyrics too. But then again, give me some rock/folk by some Mainers and I’m down. Reverbnation (listen to Hard Road Back). You can read a little more about them in this article that was done before the played at Free Range Fest in 2012. My pick for band to see.


Jacob Augustine – From Northern Maine. He earned the title Top Ten Album of the Year by Portland Pheonix. Mellow experimental folk. Beautiful, ethereal, vocals. Listen on bandcamp or reverbnation.


Chamberlain Also from Bangor. They’re described as a stomp band. Guitar, bass, drums and female vocals. A bit edgy, rock n roll, somewhat punk sounding. Reminded me a little of The White Stripes with that come at you kind of guitar and voals. Listen on bandcamp or soundcloud. Or I thought this video was pretty neat. You can view it in a facebook Post by Ada Athorp. I don’t know how to share facebook video posts. Help?

When Particles Collide Rock duo doing 90s indie pop rock out of Bangor. A little bit like Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Very rock n roll. I could def rock out. Listen on bandcamp or on their website or here:


For more upcoming events check the Calendar page on my blog. And I will have the rest of this week’s events listed soon.

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