Docktails & Deckadence: Midcoast Maine’s Best Patio Drinking & Dining

It’s summer. Time for ridiculously large and delicious cocktails. Or DOCKtails!? Take your bevy outside and soak up some sun. Where you ask? I got you.

Maine Today did an article listing a bunch of places in Maine that have fabulous patio dining. Awesome! Kudos! However, one problem. They only listed ONE Midcoast restaurant. Big mistake. Huge! We have some of the best locations to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and ocean views and, well, frankly, I feel left out. So, let’s amend this.  Here’s Jessabelle Lemonade’s Lowdown on where to get drunk and sunburned this summer: Ok, no, wait, that’s not enticing. How about Jessebelle Lemonade’s Lowdown on Where to go for Cold Brews & Water Views

I know there are many other places with fabulous dining, excellent lobster rolls (yum!) and great ocean views, however, I’m only listing the ones that serve booze. Why? Because, I’m 24,  it’s Spring Break, and, obviously, I have my priorities in order, OK? OK, good.


There’s a few listed here. Find the whole list on my blog, The Lemonade Lowdown, so that you’re prepped and once the sunshine hits you can have this lovely view:

Docktails at Atlantica in Camden. Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor.


The Slipway
24 Public Landing, Thomaston | (207) 354-415

This little gem may be a little off the beaten track but not by much and it is certainly worth the cruise. Fun, corky, welcoming atmosphere, & quintessential Maine charm make it a must see. I loved the sangria served in a mason jar. The lobsters displayed in a bath tub instead of the traditional tank (no joke!) the beautiful views and the fish cakes. Go just before dusk. Bring a date. By the end of the evening you’ll be in love. Wonderful write up about the restaurant and lots more photos of the location and the DELICIOUS food on From Away.

Waterviews/Food/Drink/Deck Seating/Outdoor Bar

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Photo of The Slipway is courtesy of TripAdvisor. Image from Life on The Road. Photo by photoprapher Dave Clough.


Archer’s on The Pier
58 Ocean Street, Rockland | (207) 594-2435 | Daily, 11 am – 10 pm

I love this location. Doesn’t get much better. Walking out to the restaurant you can pretend your heading to your yacht. Then grab a table on the deck or pull up a stool to the indoor/outdoor wrap around bar and pretend you’re sitting on your yacht while the waitstaff serve you drinks n things. I recommend the Lobster Club. You know, the triple decker lobster sandwhich with bacon, the one that Lynn Archer made for the throw down with Bobby Flay. Ya, it’s good. After your drinks, stroll along the boardwalk or stop over at Sand Beach and dip your toe in. Why is this sounding so romantic? You go do that with your date. The lobster & bacon will be my date. Shush. Jazz music on Sundays noon-3pm. Tues & Thurs buy one get one 1/2 off entrees.

Waterviews/Food/Drink/Deck Seating/Outdoor Bar/Live Music

Photo from Archer’s.


Three Tides & Beer Garden / The Bottom
2 Pinchy Lane, Belfast | 338-1707 |  4pm-close. Closed Mondays. 

Yes. Yes, this is summer. Ahhh, beer gardens. Can I list that as a hobby? How about a skill? I’m sure it will fit on my resume somewhere. Beer Gardens Suma Cum Laude. Yup. Sounds legit. Anyway, Three Tides is great. Very modern, very posh. Belfast waterfront location is lovely. Marshall Wharf Beers are great. Perfect spot for beer lovers.

Waterviews/Food/Drink/Outdoor Seating/Live Music


Photos of Three Tides Waterfront Bar Courtesy of TripAdvisor.


Waterfront Restaurant
45 Bay View St., Camden | 207-236-3747 | Open every day, year round.

Delicious food! Great drinks. Great deserts. One time some girlfriends and I were playing hooky from work. Someone needed a ride to pick up a car at a mechanic and somehow this resulted in mid-day mixed drinks and chocolate cake. This was back when I was running 5k everyday and I could eat whatever I wanted. Man, I miss those days. Anyway, Waterfront is a long time favorite. The atmosphere is relaxing, welcoming, comfortable. The food and service are outstanding. And you can’t beat that location.

Waterviews/Food/Drink/Deck Seating

  This photo of Waterfront is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Shaw’s Wharf
129 Rte 32New Harbor | (207) 677-2200 | Daily 11am-8pm

Doesn’t get much more classic Maine then this, bub. They got all your classic seafood favorites, delicious fried foods, and even have local brews on tap. They open for the Thursday before Mother’s Day and then it’s open daily 11am-8pm.

Waterviews/Food/Drink/Deck Seating

Photo from Fish Free

 The Dip Net
1 Cold Storage Road, Port Clyde |

Dine outside with harbor views and lobstah boats all around ya. Enjoy all your seafood favorites, jury’s still out on who’s got the best lobster roll. Go do some research. Fun atmosphere here and an outdoor bar! Yipee! Open May 31 – Columbus Day, Daily 11am – 9pm. Waterviews/Food/Drink/Deck Seating/Outdoor Bar

Photo from The Dip Net.

 For the rest of the list, head on over to my blog.

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