The Coloradas, Tricky Britches & The 220s Bringing Live Music to Rockland

Necessary Music Productions & The Speakeasy in Rockland are bringing us quite the line up this week!

Have you been to The Speakeasy yet? They are the new hip place in town. They’re located below The Chowder House (downstairs the Tradewinds building). I love the vibe there. I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of sitting on a couch by a fireplace while you listen to live music?

But more importantly, I love that they are bringing in such cool musical acts! And this week they’ve got a triple threat. It’s perfect, get all your dancing out and then have Memorial Day to relax. Here’s the lowdown on what’s coming your way.


Thursday, May 22 2014

Coloradas B&W

Enjoy dinner and drinks while The Coloradas play folk music from 6-9 p.m. at The Speakeasy. No cover. 

Roy Davis & Bernie Nye are Midcoasters having grown up in Waldo County, and it shows! Their slower songs sound like stories of heartache that they sang in a cabin in the Maine woods. The faster songs have great rhythm and will get you moving.The lyrics range from heartbreaking narratives to sweet to fairly rough at times with topics like drug use. So if the melodies don’t get you moving, the lyrics will certainly move you.

The musical style, rhythms, and moving lyrics truly set this band apart. The banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar, harmonica and lyrics make for a perfect folk/bluegrass/country combination. The boys have just returned from touring around Europe. So come out and give them a hearty Maine welcome home.

They’ve released two CDs. I had a hard time deciding which album to buy the last time they came to town but settled on their newer album Self Titled (2011) because I fell in love with “Misery” “This Isn’t Love Natalie” “Red Dress” and “Crooked Youth”. And I got my CD autographed, naturally.

These boys are my pick for band to see for their real, raw talent. I really dig the songs with first person narratives & heartbreak. But ya know, I’m a sucker for Maine boys singin’ folk music. 

My tip — There is a Wine Tasting in Rockport from 4-6 p.m. you can visit before the show. Visit my other blog for more details.

Friday, May 23 2014

Update! It was going to be Waylon Speed (read about them below) — But a change of plans means The Speakeasy will be hosting local act The 220s! The boys of The 220s were down in Portland this week recording for their upcoming album, Two Mirrors. They play progressive rock and have rocked out all around Maine. Give them a listen on their bandcamp page here or on reverbnation here.The trio sounds very 90s rock to me, something reminiscent of Incubus or The Smashing Pumpkins or Alice in Chains. I’m getting nostalgic. The more I listen the more I want to go see them.

Check them out at The Speakeasy 9 p.m. – Midnight. Cost: $5.


Waylon Speed will not be coming to Rockland this time, hopefully another time. I’ll keep ya posted 🙂

Waylon Speed is another band I’m super pumped to see coming to the Midcoast! These country rock badasses from Burlington, VT earned the title Best Band in Vermont at the New England Music Awards this year. They’ve done an impressive job of mixing alt-country-rock music to create something of a metal-Americana sound. I saw it referred to as speedwestern somewhere, and that seems most appropriate. Essentially it’s country music with a faster somewhat harder sound. Give me a couple beers and I will be rockin’ out to these boys.

I also love that these guys will be playing with The Mallett Brothers Band at the release party for the next O’Chang cartoon later this summer. Definitely a natural pairing to get these two bands together. That will be an incredible show. I hear they’ll be playing at the Camden Opera House on August 21st, so mark your calendars!

Waylon Speed has been compared to Drive-By Truckers for their alt-country sound. So anyone who saw Jay Farrar when he came to Strand recently ought to give this band a listen. But I have to say, it’s harder rock with elements like the quick-fingered guitar solos really showcase their metal sound and they combine that with heartfelt lyrics delivered in a 90s rock style a la Kurt Cobain. And the best part, one of the Twin Lead Guitarists & Vocalists, Kelly Raven, grew up in Waldo County! Their new CD will be coming out this June.


Saturday, May 24 2014

Tricky Britches photo for press

And that’s not all! On Saturday we’ve got the fabulous Old-Timey Music band straight up the coast from Portland, Maine, Tricky Britches! They’re bringing us old-timey country, swing & bluegrass. Popular throughout New England Festivals for their rhythms and down-home harmonies. If you’re not sure what I mean, think of the harmonies in “I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow” from the Oh Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack, but don’t worry, much more fast paced. This here is dancin’ music. If you like The Wiyos, give these guys a try. Contra dancers in the area, you’re not going to want to miss this show! Street corner kind of music, lively band. They’ve got the fiddle, mandolin, and banjo and all they need is you to come dance along.

The show runs from 9 p.m.-midnight. Cost: $5 Oh! And remember to see what the $5 cocktail special is! They have delicious drinks!

All three bands can be found on Spotify, so give them a listen and then come on out and have some fun in Rockland.


For the full rundown of music and entertainment options in the midcoast area, check out my other blog The Lemonade Lowdown. I know, I know. Too many blogs. I’m getting blogged down myself. 😉

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