Halfway to Halloween Party at Rock Harbor & Costume Ideas!

I was just finally starting to accept that the end of the school year is just around the corner (CRAZY!) and now you’re tellin’ me Halloween is coming up?? Jeesh, let’s slow down for a second here. I need a few dates before I jump that far ahead. Alright, fine, you caught me. I do like costumes… OK, I’m in!

I love any excuse to dress up and have fun on the weekend, so here’s the lowdown!

Rock Harbor Pub & Brewery in Rockland is throwing a HALFWAY TO HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARTY this Saturday night! 

Come in costume and get ready to dance. There will be music by DJ Heath Commeau, “DRINKO DE MAYO” drink specials, and prizes awarded to the top three costumes!!

The costume party is 21+. There is no cover. The fun starts at 9 p.m. But feel free to come early for some grub. I hear their pretzel rolls are delish!

pretzel rollsPhoto courtesy of Rock Harbor.

 Also, let’s not forget Rock Harbor is a Brewery. So, come in and try their craft beers brewed in house. You can try a pint of some of their brews like the Copper House Ale, Rock Warrior IPA, Spruce Head Stout, Beacon IPA… Or get a flight and try ’em all!

Rock Harbor BeersPhoto courtesy of Rock Harbor.

It’s going to be fun! Were you there for Saint Paddy’s Day this year? Of course you were – all of Rockland was there! Rock Harbz knows how to bring folks together for festive fun!

Ok, so now the tough part. What are you going to dress up as!? Don’t worry. I’ve got you. Here are some ideas to get you thinking. Saturday is the Kentucky Derby, so big over the top hats are welcome. Sip a Mint Julep while you’re at it. Gotta stay in character, ya know? Also, Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner so grab a sombrero, a pancho & grow out your mustache.

An easy go to costume is to wear a party hat and some animal ears and you’re a party animal. Classic. I also like wearing a black & white striped shirt & a red scarf and then having someone kiss my cheek with red lipstick and telling people I’m a French kiss.

Another favorite of mine is the What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up Costume

  • Basketball Player, a jersey and shorts, maybe some knee high socks
  • Librarian, ayup.
  • Nurse, scrubs.
  • Lady Mechanic, a VIP baseball cap and white T-shirt with grease stains.

I’m also a huge fan of Dressing Like a Mainah

  • Lobsterman, flannel & Muc boots.
  • Maine Woman, you don’t have to wear anything different, just drink Allen’s Coffee Brandy & Milk. I hear they call Allen’s the “Champagne of Maine.” This concerns me.
  • Alexis Wright, a Zumba outfit & handcuffs 😉

Get creative! But be warned, Rockland has some fierce costume competition. This Rockland local made the Huffington Post’s Best Halloween Costumes of 2013 for his Bud Light Year costume! Right on! Rockland makes me so proud!

I typically go as a movie character. Here are some pics I found from when I dressed up for Halloween two years ago and won a costume contest.

Can you guess who I’m dressed as? Since most girls dress as hookers for Halloween, I thought I’d follow suit, but thought I ought to at least be the hooker who gets Richard Gere! 🙂 I’m thinking I could class it up a bit. Maybe her post-Rodeo Drive-shopping-spree-makeover would be a good fit for this shindig as it is the Kentucky Derby this weekend.

pretty woman

Now, if only I could find a Richard Gere to be my date! Oh well. Dance party starts at 9 p.m. See ya there!


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