Jessbelle Lemonade

Jessabelle Lemonade is a a twenty-something who enjoys live music. She realized that there wasn’t a place to check what nightlife events, live music, etc., would be happening around Midcoast, Maine, and she thought someone ought to do something about that. So she did. You can read her thoughts on concerts, events, bar bargains, and what there is for cool stuff to do in Midcoast, Maine on her Blog: The Lemonade Lowdown. You can also find her listings on the Pen Bay PilotTheSCENE online zine, and on 93.3 WRFR News Hour Mondays & Friday Mornings. Jessabelle lives in Rockport with her houseplants, assuming they haven’t died yet. She also enjoys: ice hockey, baseball, puns, yard sales, and beboppin’ around the Rockland area.